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Habeas Corpus (Summer 2013)

Author: Alan Bennett

Director: Lu Lanfranchi

Producer: James Linham









Hay Fever (Spring 2014)

Author: Noel Coward

Director: Dennis Barwell

Producer: Di Dean









A Hand Witch Of The Second Stage (2000)

Author: Christine Denniston

Director: Mike Linham










Humble Boy (Autumn 2008)

Author: Charlotte Jones

Director: Karen Trevis

Producer: Paul Townsend


Phoebe Rees Awards

  • Best Creative Set Design

  • Best Lighting




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Habeas Corpus
Habeas Corpus

Street Theatre's Production of Habeas Corpus

Hay Fever
Hay Fever

Street Theatre's Production of Hay Fever

A Hand Witch of the Second Stage
A Hand Witch of the Second Stage

Street Theatre's Production of A Hand Witch Of The Second Stage

Humble Boy
Humble Boy

Street Theatre's Production of Humble Boy