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Daisy Pulls It Off (Summer 2000)

Author: Denise Deegan

Director: Barry Squance

Producer: Karen Trevis








Writer: Brian Friel

Director: Lois Harbinson

Producer: Peter Goater








The Day The Kidnapped The Pope (Summer 2015)

Author: Joao Bethencourt

Director: Dennis Barwell

Producer: Peter Wintle









Deathtrap (Autumn 2004)

Author: Ira Levin

Director: Mike Linham

Producer: Bob Price









Dial 'M' For Murder (Autumn 1999)

Author: Frederick Knott

Director: Paul Townsend

Producer: Julie Richardson









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Daisy Pulls If Off
Daisy Pulls If Off

Street Theatre's Production of Daisy Pulls If Off

The Day They Kidnapped The Pope
The Day They Kidnapped The Pope

Street Theatre's Production of The Day They Kidnapped The Pope

Dial 'M' For Murder
Dial 'M' For Murder

Street Theatre's Production of Dial 'M' For Murder


Street Theatre's Production of Deathtrap