June 7th - 17th, 2017


Peter Wintle


David Tristram


Deb Goater

Michael Frayn, author of Noises Off
The Plot

“When oil tycoon John Johnson is found with a huge sword in his back, it looks like a straightforward case of dying illegally. But things in Drake’s world are never as they seem. Why was Johnson badly disguised as his own wife? Why had he eaten a tortoise? And why do all the women in the house look so similar?


For once, Inspector Drake’s sidekick, Sgt Plod, thinks he knows all the answers.  And so he should – he’s narrating the play through a series of flashbacks! So he knows how it ends, too. If Plod’s predictions are correct, then the Inspector is about to make a terrible mistake. And if Plod’s recurring nightmare involving spiders and a man lying dead are anything to go by, that ending could be really horrible. And we mean really, really horrible… for the dead man is Inspector Drake himself!


Is this just another confusing flashback or the horrible truth of Drake’s final destiny? After all, when the Black Widow lays her deadly trap, it’s just a matter of time…”

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Michael Frayn, author of Noises Off

Street Theatre Summer Tour is back with this hilarious comedy at venues across Somerset.


7th June 2017 At Edgar Hall,  Somerton

8th June 2017 At The Warehouse Theatre, Ilminster


9th June 2017 At Long Sutton, Village Hall

10th June 2017 At The Regal Theatre Minehead

16th June 2017 At Cossington, Village Hall

17th June 2017 At Strode Theatre

Street Theatre's Production of The Ladykillers

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Street Theatre's Production of The Ladykillers