We love the theatre, every aspect of it - from performing, to artistic interpretation, to lighting and set direction - we simply love it all. We're bold and fearless when it comes to mounting productions, and over the last twenty years we've tackled just about everything from high drama to low farce.


Of course, box office appeal is an important factor in our play selection, but it's never been our major motivation. We just like a good challenge, be that technical, acting or direction.


So welcome, please look behind the curtains, and why not come and visit us for our next production? You'll usually find us at "home" in the Strode Theatre in Street.


Development Opportunities

We always provide development opportunities for our members in technical and stagecraft skills and look to increasing the number of workshops to achieve this.

Team Work

We are absolutely committed to the principle that a successful production is achieved by the whole team working together both backstage and strutting their stuff on the stage.

Open Auditions

We always hold open auditions and aim to provide opportunities for anyone interested in being involved in theatre to join our friendly and welcoming group of lovely people!